Brimstone and Bacon

by Emily Bragg

Yes, I'm alive- believe it or not Comic

Emilysu: 05/01/08 12:57 AM

Hey everyone- I haven't touched this webcomic in years, and it's really sad. Not only do all of the pages have months and months in between (they all look different and most are an eyesore), but like... They're boring. I decided that what was going on there wasn't really working for me, and I've taken the original idea and I am working on reinventing it. The story, plot and characters weren't nearly developed enough to actually carry a story, and I found it really hard to think of it in a webcomic format. I plan to make it into a graphic novel : x wish me luck, haha.

As for this page... THE COMIC IS NOW ABOUT MYSELF, MY FRIENDS AND THINGS THAT HAPPEN. I've always wanted to have one of those "daily life and wacky hijinks" webcomics, so that's what it's gonna be. Hopefully it'll be fun and people will like it. I'll do my best! THROW REASON ASIDE

And I apologize for the page looking like crap, I'm really trying to learn the comic genesis layout thing. It's kinda hard but I'll figure it out.

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